Fuel Prices Hiked Again Across Cities. Petrol Crosses Rs 109-Mark In Delhi

Petrol and Diesel Prices: Fuel rates touched record highs as they were hiked across metro cities today

Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Petrol and diesel prices touched record highs on Sunday, October 31, as rates were hiked again across the four metro cities. In the national capital, petrol prices crossed the  Rs 109 mark as they were hiked by 35 paise from Rs 108.99 per litre to Rs 109.34 per litre, while diesel rates were also hiked by 35 paise from Rs 97.72 to Rs 98.07 per litre, according to Indian Oil Corporation.

In Mumbai, petrol prices crossed the Rs 115 mark as they were hiked by 34 paise to Rs 115.15 per litre, and diesel is now being sold at Rs 106.23 per litre there. Among the four metro cities, fuel rates are the highest in Mumbai, according to the state-run oil refiner. The rates vary across the states due to value-added tax. (Also Read: How To Check Latest Petrol And Diesel Rates In Your City). 

Here are the petrol and diesel price across the metro cities:

State-run oil refiners such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum revise the fuel rates on a daily basis, by taking into account the crude oil prices in the international markets, and the rupee-dollar exchange rates. Any changes in petrol and diesel prices are implemented with effect from 6 am every day.

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