Taxpayers Can Report Errors Through Annual Information Statement

Taxpayers can send their feedback to Income Tax department online in case of errors

As millions of taxpayers are busy filing their annual income tax returns, they can now send a feedback online to the income tax department in case there is any discrepancy in their transaction history, captured in the new e-filing portal.

The department on Monday said that the transaction history captured in the new comprehensive annual information statement (AIS) has a facility for online feedback.  

“If the taxpayer feels that the information is incorrect, relates to other person/year, duplicate etc., a facility has been provided to submit online feedback,” the department said.  

The new AIS can be accessed by clicking on the link ‘annual information statement (AIS)’ under the ‘services’ tab on the new e-filing portal. The display of form 26AS on the department’s TRACES portal will also continue in parallel till the new AIS is validated and is completely operational, the department said. 

It includes features like additional information relating to interest, dividend, securities transactions, mutual fund transactions and foreign remittance information.

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