Mika Singh takes dig at KRK, says he’s his ‘Baap’, not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap

New Delhi: In a recent development of the KRK-Salman Khan feud, singer Mika Singh took to Twitter on Saturday (May 29) to take another dig at Kamaal R. Khan and coming out in support for Salman Khan. 

He called KRK his ‘beta’ and asked him to unblock him on Twitter. He also stated that he’s not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap but rather he’s KRK’s ‘dad’, claiming his dominance.

He wrote, “eh sirf Bollywood ch decent famous and soft lokkan nal pange lainda… par Baap nal nahi lega… please mere bete ko bolo mujhe unblock kare please. I’m not @karanjohar or @anuragkashyap72 … mai iska papa hu.”

Check out his tweet:


Earlier, Mika Singh had announced that he will be releasing a diss track on KRK titled “KRK Kutta”, and claimed that the song will be an appropriate reply to actor-turned-critic Kamaal R. Khan for his antics against the ‘Radhe’ star.

“KRK is a ‘gadha’. Salman Khan should have filed the case on him a long time ago. KRK intentionally says nasty stuff to get attention, so that he keeps getting publicity. He makes personal attacks, he starts attacking family members. This is wrong. He talks absolute garbage, starts abusing people, he just says anything to anyone and the entire entertainment industry is silent. Someone needs to give him a proper reply,” claimed Mika, justifying his song.

“I think KRK would be happy about the song. He seeks popularity and I am going to make him super popular. I am going to give him a befitting reply through my song. The song is titled ‘KRK Kutta’ (KRK the dog). The music will be composed by Toshi Sabri,” he added, speaking to the media.

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