Travel Blogger Shivangi Sharma has a dream to cover every corner of the world

New Delhi: There are tons of travel bloggers across the world, whose goal purpose is to explore every corner of the world and have an undefined experience. One of them is our very own vagabond Shivangi Sharma. She needs no introduction as her blogs and videos diaries are enough to define her and her love for travelling. The amazing wanderer has created her image as a fearless and enthusiastic traveller ever since she entered social media.

The fantastic travel blogger has enriched her social media in such a manner that it can be used for informative purposes if anyone makes plans for outings. Shivangi has covered almost every place in India and now she eyes on covering every corner of the globe. The one thing that is inspiring about the Shivangi, is that beside following her passion she is setting the right example to every woman that if you believe in something you can accomplish it.

“Travelling helps me think straight, it certainly gives me peace. I have a checklist of places that I have visited. I want to see every corner of the world, as every place has its own small but wonderful stories”, said Shivangi.

While unveiling her reason for travel blogging, the fearless wanderer mentioned that she wants to visit every corner because she believes that all places have their stories and she wants to capture them all in her video diaries and blogs. The fabulous blogger also emphasis on environmental and social issues in her blogs that the particular place is facing.

Shivangi is rigorously planning her travels and with her flare, in video editing, she is creating amazing vlogs that would make you feel that you are visiting the place. The social media influencer has a lot planned for the whole year and would treat her followers with some of her finest travel vlogs.


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