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Dominos Australia Recreates Viral Watermelon Pizza And People Are Not Pleased

Remember the viral watermelon pizza trend that left pizza lovers all over the world reeling with shock and surprise? Well, it looks like Domino’s Australia has decided to jump on to the bandwagon by recreating the viral dish. The original recipe was posted by Instagram user Oli Paterson. He shared a video of himself making pizza by cutting a watermelon and topping it with barbeque sauce, cheese, and pepperoni slices. Pizza is loved across the globe, and many people have customised and created several variations of this much-loved dish. This has, however, led to some amount of debate among pizza lovers.

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From putting pineapple as a topping on pizza to kiwi, strawberries, and even chocolate, there is no custom combination that has not been explored. However, this recreation by the global fast-food chain has left pizza lovers expressing their displeasure.

Domino’s Australia shared the video on their official Instagram account. Their video featured the original TikTok video by Paterson followed by their attempt at recreating watermelon pizza.

In the caption, they wrote, “Y’all keep asking us for a low carb crust option. Nah fr (for real) when we saw @elburritomonster make a pizza on a watermelon, we HAD to give it a go. Would you try it?”

Watch the video here:

The reactions posted by users under the video range from hilarious to absolute disgust.

While one user wrote, “This should be illegal”, another wasn’t as displeased with this pizza combination and commented, “Still doesn’t sound as bad as pineapple on a pizza.”

Suggesting another unconventional pizza topping, a user wrote, “Okay, but mango on pizza is a topping no one is ready for.”

One user couldn’t quite contain their displeasure and wrote, “Please stop, not watermelon.”

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Another user, who was sporty enough to want to try the offbeat pizza, wrote, “I’d try it – would be refreshing.”

If watermelon pizza has you intrigued enough to want to try it out, we have the recipe for you to give it a go. Also, we have curated a list of other unique pizza recipes for you to try at home. Read all about it here.

Do tell us what side you are leaning on — yay or nay for watermelon pizza? Drop a comment below to let us know.

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