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Lachedar Kachori: Make Street-Like Crispy Layered Kachori At Home With This Easy Recipe

While in North India, you must try the kachoris here. From aloo kachori for breakfast to matar kachori for those chilled winter evenings and even a sweet kachori, it is the quintessential north Indian snack. Think of a North-Indian feast and you are immediately transported to the kachori heavens. The stuffing ranges anywhere from flavourful chicken keema to a simple dry masala one, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop at just one. While you must have tasted almost every single one of them, did you know there is a variety of kachori that is much crunchier and crispier than the ones you’ve had already? And it’s called – lachedar kachori or layered kachori.

Kachoris are one of the most loved snacks of North India

If you thought the flaky crispy lachas only fit our beloved lacha parathas, you are mistaken because it turns out you can instantly revamp the simple kachori with this recipe for a lachedar one. Besides who wouldn’t want to bite into a much crunchier and decadent kachori if given the chance, right? Prepare the spicy flavourful filling and follow this recipe for a restaurant-like crunch with every single bite of your homemade kachori. Sounds appetising? Read the recipe and get cooking.

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How To Make Lachedaar Kachori l Lachedar kachori Recipe:

In a bowl, add maida, ghee, ajwain and salt and knead it until it is soft and holds shape. Add water in batches and knead a soft dough. Let this sit for 10-15 mins. You can prepare your stuffing till then. Now get the dough and roll a couple of big size rotis, spread a mixture of ghee and rice flour and layer these rotis together, cut the dough as you would for a pinwheel item. Once the tinier rotis have been rolled, put the stuffing on one small roti, cover it with another, press firmly and fry the kachori. For the detailed step-by-step recipe, click here.

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There you go; your street-style crispy lachedar kachori is ready to be devoured, pair it with mint chutney and enjoy the crunch. Let us know if you like this recipe, in the comments below.

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