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Twinkle Khanna Is Relishing Delicious Cupcakes At Her Mad Hatters Tea Party (See Pic)

How does a Mad Hatter’s tea party look like? If you don’t remember the descriptions from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, don’t worry. Here’s a new version of it and it’s brought to us by none other than Twinkle Khanna. Her latest post shows a delectable platter of cute cupcakes kept beside a book and some colour pencils. Twinkle wrote in her caption, “A Mad Hatter’s tea party for two.” We understood that Twinkle was sharing her afternoon tea party with her 8-year-old daughter Nitara during a reading and sketching session. The cupcakes are a flavourful and colourful mix. One is a classic red velvet while another is a chocolaty delight with sprinklers on top. The purple one with a unicorn-styled decoration stole our hearts and the caramel dressing on the fourth cupcake sent us craving. See for yourself:

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When sitting with a book, Twinkle Khanna often loves to relish some dessert. In one photo, we see a bowl of ripe peaches and a mug of creamy dessert beside a book that she goes on to recommend to her followers. The dessert, sprinkled with cardamom and cloves, received much attention in the comments.

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Twinkle Khanna is not just a fan of sweetmeats. She loves fruits too and is much more knowledgeable about them than most of us. In one post, Twinkle poses with two halves of oranges. In the caption, she let out a secret. And it read, “A secret – I eat citrus peels as well, orange peels have more fibre than the fleshy fruit.”

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The season of mangoes may be leaving us but it’s always an evergreen season for Twinkle Khanna. In one of her social media uploads, the author is seen holding a big mango in one hand as she stands beside a branch laden with mangoes ready to be plucked. The caption reminisces her childhood tales about raw mangoes, the spiced slices she loved to eat and memory of the “juicy yellow pulp.” Do we still doubt we have a die-hard mango lover here?

Twinkle Khanna also loves to dabble in healthy food recipes. Sometimes she shares the results on Instagram. One photo shows her attempts at making a healthy snack using cucumber, gram and a spiced yoghurt spread. Twinkle wasn’t very happy with her first attempt, she wrote. Hence a second try at the recipe. But, as she wrote, “Like any diet, you just have to keep trying till you get it right.”

From fruits to snacks and cheat day cupcakes, Twinkle Khanna’s adventures with food are always a delight for us. 

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