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Wanna shed few kilos? Try these 3 easy to make vegan recipes! | Health News

Turning vegan amongst the youth has been the latest fad for quite a while. From natural weight loss to more energetic and healthier bodies, vegan trend is becoming a movement and how! 

Going vegan is also seen as a small step for a great cause. This helps to reduce the harmful and forced breeding of animals using injections, just to fulfil the demand in the market. So here we have 3 amazing vegan recipes for you to try:

1) Millet Poha – for this recipe you take any millet of your choice (foxtail, sorgam, kodo, barn yard and little millet) soak them over night. And then boil them for about 15 – 20 min. Once the millet soak water and get bigger in size you can sieve the extra water. Take a pan and add spices and chopped veggies cook them on low heat, then add millet to the veggies and mix well. You can serve it with mint coconut chutney or spicy emli chutney.

2) Spicy Tofu Salad – For this recipe you first have to marinate tofu with some herbs and barbeque sauce and leave it till you chop out all your veggies. You can add broccoli, lettuce, carrots, red, yellow and green capsicum, purple cabbage, onion, coriander and any veggie you feel like. Now grill of roast the tofu you had earlier marinated on slow heat, you can add extra spices, herbs or barbeque sauce as per you taste. Once your tofu is ready first place all the chopped veggies in a bowl squeeze a lemon, sprinkle some oregano and add rock salt and give it a good mix. Then add extra barbeque sauce from the pan into the bowl and again give it a good mix. Finally add your tofu, and garnish it with tahini, vegan mayo or vegan curd. 

3) Green tacos – for this recipe boil some potatoes, after boiling them add herbs and spices of your choice and mash it well. Now chop a few veggies of your choice and keep it aside. Take cabbage or lettuce leaves and clean them thoroughly with water. Let them dry under the fan or you can also use a tissue to wipe the extra water. Now take the cabbage leaf and add some green chutney, next you add a layer of mashed potatoes. On top of the mashed potatoes add green chutney, garlic chutney or vegan mayo. After that some chopped veggies, add some tahini or vegan mayo and garnish it with oregano or Mexican seasonings. And you are ready with a healthy taco treat.

This are some amazing vegan recipes loved by non-vegan foodies too. They are full of health nutrition and taste. We hope you love it too.

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