4 Including BJP Leader In SUV That Mowed Down Farmers In UP Arrested

A Thar SUV was seen driving into protesters from behind.

Four more persons, including a BJP leader who was seen inside the SUV that mowed down protesting farmers in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri, have been arrested today. Local BJP leader Sumit Jaiswal, who was seen in a video leaving the SUV, had earlier filed a counter murder FIR against unnamed farmers, claiming his driver, friend and two BJP workers were beaten to death and that he found out from social media later.

In the video, Mr Jaiswal was seen running from the Thar SUV that drove into protesters from behind.

In his complaint, filed three days after the incident, he said he was in the SUV with his friend Shubham and driver Hari Om when protesters attacked the car. The driver was injured and attacked with sticks and swords, he claimed.

Four farmers and a journalist were ran over on October 3 by a convoy of three vehicles, one of which belongs to Union Minister Ajay Mishra. Mr Mishra’s son was arrested on October 9, ¬†five days after he was named in a murder case on charges which usually merit immediate arrest. His arrest followed 12 hours of police questioning which in turn came after an intervention by the Supreme Court,

Sumit Jaiswal had also claimed that the protesters attacked Ajay Mishra’s convoy, not the other way round. He also claimed the car was not moving, and it was the protesters that attacked the convoy.

“We were at the programme venue. There was an atmosphere of fear. They were armed with sticks and rocks and they kept attacking us, abusing us,” he said. They also shouted “Khalistan Zindabad. They climbed the car,” he said.

Ashish Mishra has denied the charge that he was at the crime scene when the murders took place; he has claimed he was in his paternal village (around two km away) and stayed there all day.

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