Happy Diwali 2021: Try These Rangoli Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home And Mood

Rangoli artwork adds vibrancy to the festive decor

In the run-up to Diwali, people get busy with cleaning up their homes and decorating to usher in the festivities. One of the traditional ways of doing so is with rangoli — decorative designs made on the courtyard floor or house entrance during festivals. Rangoli is meant to be made in sacred areas as a way of ‘welcoming’ Hindu deities into one’s home. Amid the diyas and other lights, this colourful artwork adds vibrancy to the festive decor. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi visits each household on Diwali, so rangoli is one of the ideal ways of extending a warm reception to her.

One can use bright colours, flowers, leaves, coloured rice, flour and dry sand to make various rangoli patterns. The creativity that comes with giving the patterns a unique look is almost boundless. Some business establishments and office staff also organise competitions to judge the most attractive designs.

As you get set to celebrate Diwali on November 4, take a look at some appealing rangoli ideas to flaunt the artist in you:

1. Coloured Rice

Use rice dipped in different colours to make Ganapati, the lord of great beginnings and the symbol of peace and prosperity. Place diyas strategically on the edges of the rangoli to add to its charm. Here’s how you can do it, but feel free to try a colour scheme of your choice.

2. Flour And Colours

Many people use flour and natural colours for their rangoli. Natural ingredients can be mixed with flour to create different colours easily at home. This is an eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival of lights.

3. Water Colours

You can use water colours if your floor surface usually remains dry. Perk it up with different designs and a mix of base and light colours. You can also go for layered patterns.

4. Flowers And Leaves

Flower petals are another way of creating eco-friendly rangoli. You can use different colours of flowers. Spread the petals on the floor in a way that creates an attractive design. Check this one for some inspiration:

5. Diyas

If you are not keen on using flowers, leaves or artificial decor, and yet want your rangoli design to stand out, go for the diya-rangoli design. You can place the diyas in Swastika pattern or any other pattern of your choice. Try this one:

This Diwali, let your imagination take wings. Create a rangoli that is best suited to your space and goes with your home decor.

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